Water Elipse Software


Elipse Software provides SCADA and PIMS solutions that enable managing the entire chain of production and distribution of water, aggregating and consolidating operational information.

The implementation of Elipse systems allows you to optimize resources and increase operational efficiency, reducing operational and maintenance costs, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Applications can be developed using the concepts of IWA (International Water Association) for water indicators, such as losses and equivalents, adopting the best practices in National and International Sanitation. With Elipse Plant Manager, you can collect and validate information from various departments of your company and analyze the data by means of indicators and the correlation of events, thus facilitating the management's decision-making process.

Elipse Software has projects in water treatment plants, wastewater treatment, Boosters, water and wastewater lift stations, artesian wells and operation centers, working with more than 100 Water utility companies in Asia and Latin America.


The Elipse systems apply to all stages of water collection, treatment, and distribution, as well at the inverse processes of collection, treatment and disposal or recycling of effluents and waste, in order to obtain information about the process and act on the control devices, such as motors, pumps, and valves, in real time.

Elipse products are used to monitor and control geographically dispersed assets, in situations where data acquisition (telemetry) and remote control become critical points. Thus, it is possible to obtain the values measured in the field, then transmit and process them according to the needs and goals of the information usage, providing the conditions that increase operational efficiency, improve service levels, and provide faster information to utility companies for better operational and management decisions.

This type of information, such as reservoir levels or on/off commands for a motor-pump set, can be received and sent to an Operational Control Center (OCC) via several different communication media, being the most common the ones based on radio-frequency and cell phone transmissions (GPRS). In the first case, communication is performed by a dedicated network, with reception and transmission radios, in addition to antennas and other elements, which allow a constant data flow between the remote station and the operation room. In the case of GPRS technology, the mobile carrier communication structure is used instead, through the use of SIM chip cards that are acquired when the services are contracted.

Thus, in a water treatment plant, for example, we take part in the project from the beginning, from water source caption, then passing by the stages of chlorination, alkalinisation, coagulation, flocculation, decanting, filtering, disinfection, and fluorine addition, and finally to the distribution stage, passing by pumping stations and reservoir monitoring.

Through data collection and information consolidation of several stations and devices in a central repository provided by Elipse Plant Manager (EPM), it is possible to obtain, via integrated calculation tools, the efficiency indicators (KPIs) of each unit, thus allowing comparisons between them and indications of places which need priority interventions.

Beyond that, besides increasing the product quality supplied to customers and reducing the costs associated to these processes, we facilitate the strategic management with the adoption of the best practices on the market, based on trusted and representative data.

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