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Mining Á Metals

With its solutions, Elipse Software offers benefits and resources that are important to the steel and mining industries, allowing from data collection extraction and processing to information management and data exchange between different systems. Among the resources, we can mention:

In addition to the features mentioned above, Elipse systems feature:


Elipse Software offers an integrated platform for all stages of production of mining and its other production chains, such as steel and metallurgy.

In mining applications, we operate at all stages from operations in the mines, transportation of raw materials, crushing, and milling, seeking to ensure greater efficiency at each stage of the operation as a whole.

In steel and metalworking applications, which require integration with expert systems and connection of production orders from enterprise systems (ERP), Elipse's systems allow you to send and receive information such as when, what, and how to produce. They also make it possible to store and send the result of orders made, including the management of alarms and events on multiple workstations.

Additionally, in all productive industrial environments, the Elipse solutions allow monitoring utilities, promoting reduced consumption of energy and water, proper waste treatment, and environmental monitoring.

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