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Elipse Software has extensive experience with specification, development, and maintenance of management solutions for real-time data in various segments of infrastructure, such as:

Among our strengths are:

With our acquisition, supervisory, and analysis solution, we offer:


Reduction of operating expenses, more efficient use of resources, and more comfort to users are some of the benefits obtained with the use of Elipse solutions.

The challenges for planning, building, operating, and maintaining the infrastructure webs as the basis for sustainable economic development are enormous. Especially considering the large amount of money, manpower, and resources needed for its implementation. In addition to performing functions that are essential to the economic strategy of a country, much of the infrastructure that is necessary to modern life in big cities, such as subways, trains, and airports, do not have direct substitutes. Thus, any flaws in their working generate direct impact on the lives of millions of people. In this context, seeking efficiency in the use of these assets and reducing their impact is not just a fad, but a fundamental requirement in both the social aspect and the financial return of the enterprise.

Elipse Software's systems can help in this regard via integration between the various actors and elements present in infrastructure projects. With this, they promote a more efficient use of the facility, less operational costs with energy and water, and mitigation of impacts on the environment through the identification and proper treatment of waste.

In transportation systems (trains, subways, ports, and airports), Elipse Software provides this via its large capacity of integration and data exchange between various entities, be they either basic equipment and facilities or larger systems. This can happen both with generators and consumers of information. Among them we can mention the control of elevators and escalators, fire detection and firefighting systems, control of revenues and passengers, telecommunications (telephony, Internet, radio, and servers) and media centers, among others.

In smart buildings, including commercial and residential buildings, and stadiums, for example, Elipse Software acts on reducing operational expenses, as well as on ensuring more comfort to users. With Elipse Software solutions, you can use more efficiently the heating, air conditioning and its structures (chillers, boilers, blowers, and fans), allowing you to even compare indicators between different sites in the search for improvement opportunities.
Our systems can also work as the basis for environmental monitoring, audits, and regulatory actions. This is due to the fact that they can collect and store tools and measurements of various types and formats, performing calculations and issuing reports.

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