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Process industries in general (Chemical, Sugar and Alcohol, Pulp and Paper, Cement, Paints and Oils, among others) all share the strong presence of the Elipse Software solutions, which demonstrate their potential benefits with various types of applications, such as:

In addition, Elipse Software's solutions have been used by leading companies in the market, being offered through strategic partnerships with suppliers of devices and services.


Elipse Software offers robust yet flexible software solutions that can be applied in a variety of applications across diverse industries and processes, from a simple HMI to complex, distributed SCADA and PIMS systems.

Elipse solutions are designed for a high communication performance, acquiring data from several control devices and operating the system 24/7, thus providing management, analysis, and performance optimization in pursuit of operational excellence at all stages of production.

Various aspects and needs that are present on a daily basis of an industry are met by the Elipse solutions and their business partners:

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