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Elipse Trend Explorer

Platform for viewing historical data

From a millisecond to a year, from past to future, exploring historical data stored by Elipse applications has never been easier or faster! With a few clicks, you can view any Historic or Storage from Elipse E3, Power, or SCADA, in any supported database (Microsoft® SQL Server, Microsoft® Access, Oracle®, and .DAT files).

Don’t miss the chance of analyzing and finding out the important trends and information your company has been storing over the years.

Special release price US$ 249

Download the Elipse TrendExplorer’s demo version and see how easy it is to browse and explore your data!

  • Configurable in less than a minute
  • No programming required
  • No changes in the E3/SCADA application required

More information

More information on wwww.elipse.com.br


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