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Elipse Power

Power Management Suite

Elipse Power integrates into a single environment all the necessary information for the operation process in Power Networks, with maximized cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Through real-time data acquisition, corporate systems integration, analysis tools and management reports, power operators are able to make the right decisions in a fast and reliable way, resulting in necessary actions to promote network efficiency and thus minimizing economic and environmental impacts.

In a world where systems have become increasingly more complex, demanding smarter, more efficient networks, Elipse Power is the ideal solution for companies that want to implement Smart Grids.


  • Client/Server architecture;
  • Uses IEC 61970 regulation– Common Information Model (CIM) for setting up and storing the electrical model;
  • Server native redundancy and load balance support;
  • Imports and synchronizes geo-referenced databases from corporate systems;
  • System operation using single line and/or geo-referenced diagrams;
  • Real-time connection with other systems;
  • Generation, transmission and distribution applications all developed into a single platform;
  • More than 350 different protocols available, like IEC 61850,IEC 60870-5-101, 103 and 104, DNP 3.0 and Modbus allowing communication with a wide range of devices, energy meters and protective relays. In addition, new communication drivers or interfaces can be developed.

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