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Elipse Plant Manager

Turn your data into operational intelligence

The large amount of data generated by several control and process management systems represent a major challenge for managers and engineers, resulting, on one hand, in daily struggles to extract and understand information, and on the other hand a waste of a valuable source to identify improvement opportunities and faster actions to correct problems.

As part of Elipse Software's information management initiative, Elipse Plant Manager (EPM) provides a fast, simple, and reliable way to collect data from a variety of real-time sources (including historical series), by storing and contextualizing information, and offering high performance recording and querying, in addition to powerful tools for processing, retrieving, and analyzing data.

Through its full compatibility with the OPC UA (Unified Architecture) standard and native integration with the Python language, EPM offers a collaborative environment for processing real time and historical information, in a quick and reliable way, and with high scalability.


  • Decision-making agility: Different ways of monitoring indicators of process performance, together with easily created fast analysis, enable a faster decision-making.
  • Great assertiveness in actions: With the help of operational indicators and by predicting results of control actions, managers have all resources needed to act on the process more efficiently.
  • Maximize profitability: Centralizing information allows a full operational visibility of the business, which allows generating macro performance indicators and real-time actions to correct deviations.
  • Flexibility of analysis: The integrated analysis environment removes access barriers to information and drastically reduces the time spent creating reports and researches, by using the Python language and its several libraries (analysis of time series, optimization, neural networks, fuzzy logic, SPC, etc.).
  • Continuous improvement of processes: The continuous data analysis allows planning shutdowns and predictive maintenance of devices, to keep the process always available and operational.
  • Unique view of the process: Through EPM interfaces and modeling tools, all employees have access to a unique view of process data.

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