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Elipse E3

Create and support supervisory, control and data acquisition systems of any size or complexity, retrieving answers in real time!

Elipse E3 is a complete system of process supervisory and control, developed to meet the latest requirements of connectivity, flexibility, and reliability, and it is ideal for use in critical systems.

Its distributed architecture, with totally transparent network operation, composes a real multi-layer system, offering a platform for quick development of applications, high communication capacity, and guarantee of expansion, thus preserving your investment. Elipse E3 enables communication with several types of protocol and equipment, and can accommodate either local or geographically distributed systems.


  • Robust servers, which collect, process, and distribute data in real time.
  • Distributed, redundant architecture that is easy to configure.
  • 100% Internet-ready, with Independent operation interface (thin-clients) via E3Viewer, Internet Explorer, or Terminal Services.
  • Fully object-oriented architecture: extensive use of user libraries, with the creation of galleries and templates of graphic objects and data structures able to include any functionality.
  • Over 3000 vector graphic symbols included.
  • On-line configuration.
  • Open databases: Elipse E3 does not use proprietary formats.
  • Complete management of alarms and events.
  • OPC (OLE for Process Control) client and server.
  • E3 Storage: process historian.
  • Native support to ActiveX components, integrating methods, events, and properties.
  • Complete reports module.


  • Quick & Lasting return on investments;
  • Integration with other corporative systems such as ERP and MES;
  • Integration with legacy systems, such as Elipse SCADA;
  • User certification program;
  • Object-oriented and pattern definitions through the use of libraries, reducing both development and maintenance time;
  • Investment guarantee and versions update: an E3 application can be opened and configured both in older and more recent versions, with no need for conversion;
  • Regulatory, safety and tracking functionalities for controlled applications, according to FDA CFR 21 Part 11, GAMP and NERC CIP;
  • Internet browser visualization and data sharing with no need for reconfiguration of format translation;
  • Availability of hundreds of communication interfaces and development tools for connection to any type of device;
  • Based on open standards, such as TCP/IP, XML, OPC and SQL, among others.

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