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Elipse Drivers

Access to hundreds of types of devices, such as controllers, protection relays, and measuring instruments, among others, in a fast, robust and reliable way.

Elipse Software provides connectivity between their products and several automation, control, and instrumentation devices, through an extensive list of software interfaces called "I/O drivers", which implement the communication protocols specific to each solution.

Drivers make the information and actions available in each type of device to be translated into standards that allow its use in a transparent and uniform way, regardless of origin, physical means, or search method used for the acquisition.

Nowadays, Elipse has 450 drivers targeted at several different industries, applications, vendors, and protocols. In addition, the company works on creating new drivers, as well as several improvements and adaptations to those that already exist so they can meet the specific needs of some special cases. Clients and third parties can also develop their own drivers by using a Driver Development Kit (DDK) to better meet their specific needs.

The projects can use different protocols within the same application and hundreds of drivers on the same server.


Elipse's drivers are based on a platform called IOKit which can provide, among other features:


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